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Allahabad Bank - Overview

Founded in 1865 and headquartered in Kolkata, Allahabad Bank is the oldest joint stock bank in India. Taking position among the leading banks in the public sector of the country, Allahabad Bank provides financial services to corporate, commercial and retail clients. Although its operations concern all the sectors of Indian economy, Allahabad Bank focuses especially on the needs of retail customers.

As of September 2013, Allahabad Bank's national branch network consisted of 2728 offices and 675 ATMs. Till the end of 2013-2014 fiscal year, another 300 Allahabad branches are planned for launching. Currently, Allahabad Bank's world presence includes a branch office in Hong Kong and a representative one in Shenzhen, China. Allahabad Bank gladly offers to its clients the powerful and secure Allahabad Bank net banking opportunity.

In 2005, Allahabad Bank was placed at #5 among Top 10 Indian banks in the ranking by ET Intelligence Group, it was also the #3 among the public sector banks and #37 in Top 500 business ranking by the same company. In all three rankings, Allahabad Bank showed a significant improvement of its position in comparison to the previous year. Actually, such improvement is peculiar to Allahabad in any other ranking, any other year - and remains a clear evidence of its stability and growth.


History of Allahabad Bank

Allahabad Bank was incorporated on 24 April 1865 in Allahabad. Its founders were a group of Europeans and it commenced its operations in a period when India was starting to orientate its economy towards organized trade and business in the financial sector. In 1920, Allahabad Bank was token over by P & O Banking Corporation and its main office was shifted to Kolkata. The next big change came in 1969 when Allahabad Bank has been nationalized together with another 13 major private banks in India; it entered a completely new stage in its history marked with constant growth in terms of assets and customer base.

Along with its general branches, Allahabad Bank has developed several specialized ones so to meet customer needs in the best way possible. To fulfill Allahabad profiled tasks, came into existence its financial branches, international branches, industrial finance branches, recovery branches, specialized savings branches, quick collection service branches, trade finance branches, spread in a lot of major Indian cities.

There are three centuries touched by the history of Allahabad banking institution, and a small part of its most important milestones is exposed below.

• In 1984, Allahabad Bank commenced its activity in merchant banking sector.

• In 1989, Allahabad Bank was merged with United Industrial Bank Ltd.

• In 1991, Allahabad Bank incorporated its first fully-owned subsidiary - AllBank Finance Ltd.

• In 1995, Allahabad Bank entered into a Memorandum of understanding with Small Industries Development Bank of India so to start financing small industrial units.

• In 1996, Allahabad Bank made its first step towards Internet banking option, by setting up its IT Center to provide serious computer training to its officers.

• In 1998, Allahabad Bank launched its gold trade activity.

• In 1999, Allahabad Bank tied up with TATA Consultancy Services in order to implement the Integrated Standard Banking System.

• In 2002, Allahabad Bank entered into agreements with National Institute of Banking Management, Crisil and Earnst & Young and thus aimed itself at developing of HRM, risk management and general business strategy.

• In 2004, Allahabad Bank signed a Memorandum of understanding with Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India so to begin distributing their products to exporters.

• In 2006, Allahabad Bank officially commenced its modern Allahabad net banking service, by implementing the Core Banking Solution in a branch office.

• In 2008, Allahabad Bank launched its Agricultural Debt Waiver and Debt Relief Scheme.

Allahabad Bank 's Products and Services [h2 tag]

As mentioned above, the main focus of Allahabad financial services are all retail clients of all kinds. Allahabad Bank has strong traditions in covering financial needs of ordinary Indians, of all social strata, in both rural and urban areas of the country. Nevertheless, it does not mean that Allahabad commercial and corporate products lack in quality or utility. Allahabad bank is a universal financial institution where beneficial operations and good advisory are part of service on all levels. The variety of Allahabad core products is exposed below.

1. Allahabad Bank personal banking service - offering:

• Deposit product schemes - Flexi-Fix, Monthly Plus, Salary Advantage and more;

• Retail credit products - schemes for housing and furnishing loans, car loans, property loans, education loans, trade loans etc.;

• Other credit products by Allahabad Bank - plus ones especially designed for farmers of all categories;

• Allahabad Bank's All Ayushman Bima Yojana scheme.

2. Allahabad Bank social banking service - with the following options:

• Priority sector services - agriculture, micro/small enterprises, social responsibilities etc.;

• Allahabad Bank financial inclusion through different schemes;

• Allahabad Bank credit facilities to minority communities.

3. Allahabad Bank service for micro, small and medium enterprises - where included:

• Finance to traders;

• Allahabad Bank Commercial vehicle finance;

• Finance to doctors/medical practitioners meant for clinics or nursing homes;

• Allahabad MSME card options - Laghu Udhyami Credit Card, Artisan Credit Card.

4. Allahabad Bank corporate banking service - by means of:

• Allahabad Corporate credit - working capital loan, term loan, bill financing etc.;

• Allahabad Cash management services;

• Allahabad Gold card scheme for exporters.

5. Allahabad Bank international banking service - banking for non-resident Indians, with the opportunities of:

• Allahabad Bank deposit accounts;

• Allahabad Bank remittance facility;

• Allahabad Bank tax benefits;

• Allahabad Bank loans facilities;

• Allahabad Export finance;

• Allahabad Services for returning NRI.

6. Allahabad Bank 's other kind of services - including:

• Allahabad Insurance and mutual funds;

• Allahabad in Government business;

• Allahabad Depository services;

• Allahabad E-products;

• Allahabad Cards.

Allahabad Bank's Modern Offers - Allahabad Net Banking and Mobile Banking Service

Allahabad Bank launched its modern service opportunities in 2006 and their development was immediately placed among the Bank's priorities. There are three ways of receiving Allahabad remote service - Internet, phone and cell phone. To use Allahabad Bank net banking and mobile banking options, you need creating a private online Allahabad Bank identity, while in Allahabad Bank phone banking a such is not needed. Accordingly to the implementation of latest technology achievements, Internet and cell phone banking represent the most innovative Allahabad Bank opportunities.

Allahabad Bank net banking opportunity

Constantly increasing its customer base, Allahabad net banking is a way to perform your financial operations in a fast and, at the same time, completely secure manner. With creating your private online Allahabad Bank name and password, you are able to reach its service anytime, anywhere and perform almost any operation related to your accounts and funds. To make you familiar with how the online service works, Allahabad Bank provides you with a detailed user guide as well as with a comprehensible demo. To that, you are being duly informed about the ways to avoid violations of your online data - concerning your online Allahabad Bank ID in particular and your web presence as a whole. Of course, this is not the only way Allahabad Bank net banking secures your privacy and money. There are high-level IT facilities that protect your online Allahabad Bank account; this is a two- or three-step process and you can get details on it from the mentioned user guide.

Here are the Allahabad Bank actions and transactions available to you through the comfort of Internet:

• Allahabad Bank net banking for account info access - enabling you to view your status, activity and transactions made;

• Allahabad net banking for offline requests - here you can stop a cheque payment or revoke a such;

• Allahabad Bank net banking for fund transfer - you can make transfers between your own Allahabad Bank accounts and/or other bank accounts; third-party transfers are also available;

• Allahabad Bank net banking for standing orders - enabling you to create and cancel orders for regular payments;

• Allahabad Bank net banking for making online enquiries - regarding your cheques and TDS details;

• Allahabad Bank net banking for e-payments - giving you the opportunity to make a wide range of payments through Internet, including taxes, bills and more;

• Allahabad Bank net banking for reaching Allahabad Bank administration - you are provided with a personal e-mail box through which to send/receive messages.

Allahabad Bank mobile banking opportunity

Modern banking through a cell phone is also a well-developed service as of Allahabad Bank and it is being constantly improved in terms of operations available and security. Allahabad Bank mobile service is delivered via WAP, SMS, GPRS and/or USSD; in order to use it via WAP and SMS, you will need an online Allahabad bank account, as mentioned above. Allahabad Bank website provides you with a friendly user guide on mobile banking too, as well as with some other useful reference on the options. Actions and transactions through Allahabad Bank mobile cover your account information, fund transfer and requests.


There are two main features accounting the success and popularity of Allahabad Bank. On the one hand, it builds a strong customer base through a devoted customer centric attitude; on the other hand, it runs an intensive talent management process for its employees. Allahabad Bank's professionals have never been feared by making changes and reorganization in their work and company - thus, they have always been in agreement with the most preferable and beneficial ways of serving those who ask for their help.

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Dividend Yield 1.84

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