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ICICI Bank, established by ICICI Limited, is a multinational financial institution with head office in Mumbai, India. Incorporated in 1994, the Bank is among the relatively young ones in the country but, however, it keeps a stable position on the top list of Indian banks regarding assets and capitalization. As exposed on its own website, ICICI Bank's domestic network consists of 3,595 brances and 11,162 ATMs and its international presence includes 18 other countries - United Kingdom, United States of America, Russia, Canada, Singapore, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, to mention some of them. Along with its in-person service, ICICI provides its customers with the powerful options of net banking through ICICI login ID .

In 2006, The Banker magazine awarded ICICI with the title 'Bank of the year - India'. Some more excerpts from the list of all awards that ICICI professionals won during the years:

• In 2000, Forbes Global placed ICICI's website among the best 15 bank websites in the world;

• In 2002, Business World magazine included ICICI in the top 5 most respected companies;

• In 2013, ICICI won two of Sunday Standart Best Banker Awards - 'Best banker - Efficiency and Profitability' and 'Best Private Sector Banker'.


History of ICICI

Having started its operations as Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Bank, the institution then took as a name the abbreviation ICICI Bank; afterwise, its founder, ICICI Limited, merget with the Bank and the corporation become aknowledged as ICICI Group. In the beginning, the Bank was a wholly-owned subsidiary; then in the fiscal 1998, by public offering of shares, ICICI's shareholding was diminished to 46 per cent.

The founder of ICICI Bank, ICICI Limited, was incorporated in 1955, on a shared initiative of the World Bank, Indian Government and with the participation of Indian industry representatives. The idea was to create a stable institution purposed at providing financing support for medium-term and long-term business projects in India. However, the last decade of 20. century was a business-transforming period for ICICI. Instead of only project finance, it started offering - both directly or by subsidiaries and affiliates (one of them ICICI Bank) - a variety of financial services and opportunities. As a result, in 1999 ICICI got listed by New York Stock Exchange - and become the first bank and financial service provider of India and as well of the non-Japan Asia included there.

Together with the orientation towards universal banking service, there came the idea of merging ICICI Limited and ICICI Bank - so to build the optimal legal structure and the optimal development strategy at the same time. The idea was officially put into practice in October 2001 and thus ICICI's two fully-owned subsidiaries - ICICI Personal Financial Services Limited and ICICI Capital Services Limited - was merged with ICICI Bank. The act was then approved, between January 2002 and April 2002, by the shareholders of ICICI and ICICI Bank, the Court and the Reserve Bank of India.

Although an institution with relatively short history, the merged ICICI banking company succeed to become one of the Big Four Banks of India, along with State Bank of India, Punjab national Bank and Bank of Baroda. ICICI started providing operations through Internet in 1998 so today almost all services are accessable to its customers via their ICICI Bank login. Also, it has rich options for mobile banking service through cell phone and, in addition, with ICICI you are invited to try even Facebook banking.

ICICI Products and Services

Together with keeping its orientation towards business projects of any kind, ICICI banking corporation has a good amounth of high-quality options for individual customers, non-resident Indians and more. Here are ICICI's core products - available, as mentioned, also through your ICICI login:

1. ICICI Personal banking opportunities:

• Deposit accounts - among which 'iWish' recurring sheme, 'b2'-account savings exclusively through Internet, 'dream deposits', family banking;

• Loan shemes - personal, home, car loans, loans against securities;

• ICICI Bank cards - credit and debit, prepaid and corporate cards;

• ICICI Bank insurances of various type;

• Investment plans;

• Demat accounts with ICICI;

• Agri and rural banking with ICICI.

2. ICICI Privilege banking offers for select customers, with the advantages of

• Dedicated service options regarding deposits, loans, treasuries etc.;

• Priority in service - regarding access, processing etc.;

• Special privileges section - even more preferences in service and for everyday life.

3. ICICI Wealth management options - professional client advisory on:

• Funds management;

• Investments;

• Risk protection with ICICI

and more.

4. ICICI Private banking services for clients with a serious found investment;

5. ICICI services for non-resident Indians - appropriately set conditions concerning:

• Deposits and loans;

• Transfers;

• Insurances.

6. ICICI corporate banking solutions - concerning

• ICICI commercial banking,

• Global markets and capital markets with ICICI,

• ICICI custodial services,

• ICICI project management

and more;

7. ICICI business banking solutions -

• Business loans,

• Trade services,

• Advisory.

ICICI service through
ICICI Login ID, Cell Phone and Facebook

Besides the rich ATM network of ICICI Bank, its customers are, of course, also provided with the comfortable banking opportunities of nowadays. With ICICI, these are:

ICICI banking through private ICICI ID - Customers' experience is as important to ICICI Bank as customers' security and together with the high-quality online services the Bank offers detailed User guide as well as concrete demos regarding all available ICICI net banking operations. By creating your own private ICICI Bank login name and password you are able to safely perform a lot of banking actions and transactions, among which the following:

• Linking together all your ICICI Bank accounts - ICICI deposits, credit cards, demat account and more - so to update and manage them all at one place;

• ICICI fund proceeding:

• making transfers between ICICI Bank accounts and to/from external ones, available via your ICICI login are both domestic and international transfers,

• ICICI Immediate payment service (IMPS), available 24/7,

• sending money orders,

• making online donations;

• ICICI bill payments - your ICICI net banking ID allows you to easily pay for various kings of wares and services:

• regular everyday bills, where ICICI login gives you the opportunity to make automatic payments and even instant payments without registering billers (by the Quick Pay option),

• Quick Shoping - prepaid mobile or DHT recharge, travel tickets and movie tickets booking,

• Data Card recharging,

• ICICI loan payments,

• payments to any VIZA credit card issued in India, through ICICI Bank login;

• ICICI investements:

• full access to your '3 in 1' account via ICICI login, including trade, savings and demat,

• bying gold through ICICI banking network,

• investing in mutial funds - the option 'Invest@ease',

• tax payment,

• Forex trading through ICICI Bank login,

• trade shares through ICICI Bank login,

• insurances management,

• 'iWish' savings option via ICICI login.

If you have shosen ICICI Bank to be the manager of your financial services through Internet, you can enjoy some unique features via your ICICI login:

• 'Shop' - be up-to-date with the latest shopping deals and promotions on your offer zone,

• 'My Money' - get helped in managing your daily expences in accordance to your family or personal budget,

• 'My Saving Rewards' - start earning payback points for your ICICI net banking operations,

• 'e-Locker' - get your documents stored online and accessible anytime/anywhere,

• 'm.icicbank.com' - access your ICICI login from your cell phone,

• 'Shopping Help' - remove any unclearness before to bank online with ICICI.

ICICI Mobile Banking - together with your ICICI login, this is a way to manage all your financial informaion as well as your transfers anywhere/anytime; ICICI mobile banking and ICICI net banking options increase in number together and your cell phone becomes a powerful banking tool too. Through it you can:

• access your ICICI Bank accounts and statements, credit cards, demat account, loans

as well as

• locate ICICI ATMs and branches in case of need

and, of course,

• easily shop online.

ICICI banking through Facebook - also unique as a kind of service offered to ICICI Bank customers. It is very useful in ICICI NRI banking, for instance - but, of course, applied not only there. And, to answer any question regarding safety of the access and operations, we hurry to tell you that Facebook, as a powerful platform itself, takes care of its users' security but, nevertheless, ICICI Bank and ICICI net banking via ICICI login ensure their customers additionally - as every serious institution would do.


In 2008, ICICI Group founded ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth (ICICI Foundation) purposed to 'promote inclusive growth in India', as exposed in its Mission; included in the areas of its care are 'primary healthcare, elementary education, skill development and sustainable livelihoods and financial inclusion'.

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