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PNB - Overview

Punjab National Bank was incorporated in 1895 in New Delhi, India, where is also based its head office. Having started its service as a private company, PNB bank has been privatised during the nationalisation in 1969. Together with State Bank of India, ICICI Bank and Bank of Baroda, PNB forms the Big Four Banks of India group.

One of distinctive features about Punjab National Bank is that it is the first Indian bank having been started with 100% Indian capital that has survived till today. Chronologically, the first 100% Indian bank was the founded in 1891 Commercial Bank; however, it put an end to its service in 1958.

Currently, Punjab National Bank delivers its service to over 82 million customers. Its branch network includes 6000 offices, out of them 5 overseas, and as well 2165 ultra-small branches. Along with its in-person operations, PNB provides its clients with the modern and powerful PNB net banking [bold; hyperlink with alt and title tag] solution.

Among all signs of recognition that Punjab National Bank has won over the time of its service, one of the most prestigeous to its professionals is the governmental 'Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practice' award for 2010.


History of PNB

PNB started its operations on 12 April 1895, from its first office in Lahore (presently located in Pakistan). During the first stages of its functioning, PNB bank has experienced several crises, including the one caused by the partition of India in 1947 - which made it to close 92 (33%) of its offices and to move its headquarters in New Delhi. During the partition process, PBN has honoured all the refugees' deposit claims, even the ones based on a smallest evidence. After surviving this hard period, PNB got on the road of its actual growth.

Punjab National Bank has serious traditions in pioneering, regarding many processes in developing the financial sector in India. For instance, it was the first to:

• appoint auditors, in 1895 - long before it was mandatory required;

• put into practice the 'teller' devices, in 1944

and more.

With the nationalisation in 1969, Punjab National Bank entered a new significant stage of growth. In accordance with governmental strategy of fighting poverty by means of self-employment, it expanded its presence in unbanked areas of India. It even exceeded the state goals in lending sector and also, being actively engaged in developing the rural credit system, PNB started sponsoring regional rural banks. Together with enlarging its assets, PNB bank expanded its participation in socially beneficial acts and schemes in India. Among the latest achievements in PNB's long and stormy history could be cited:

• In 2000, it launched a gold import scheme, through an agreement with Commerzbank.

• In the same year, PNB became the first publick sector bank to promote a Voluntary Retirement scheme.

• In 2002, PNB entered a joint venture with InfoSys in order to put into practice its Centralised Banking Solution - the basis and the first stage of PNB net banking (PNB Internet banking) service.

• In the same year, PNB made another step towards modern PNB net banking options, by building relations with Cisco Systems so to network all its active branch offices.

• In 2003, PNB tied up with Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Ltd so to establish a private equity fund proposed for investment in domestic companies.

• In 2004, PNB launched its corporate Internet banking solution - a significantly new stage in implementing PNB net banking service.

• In the same year, PNB bank and ICICI Bank signed their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for ATM network sharing across the country.

• In 2006, PNB entered an agreement with MasterCard International for launching a signature-based debit card.

• During 2008-2009, PNB become the largest nationalised bank to have all its branches and extension offices networked through Core Banking Solution - thus, PNB net banking became available through any PNB office.

• In 2011, PNB entered its engagement with Weizmann Forex Ltd, BFC Forex and Financial Services Ltd so to extend its trading related service.

PNB Products and Services

Based on the idea of providing Indians with their own Indian bank, PNB has been keeping this national spirit during all the steps and stages of its development. Today, like always before, its service is an amalgamation of quality, flexibility and concern. A really short description of the Bank's support and service goes below. You are free to perform your operations in person and/or through the rich options of PNB net banking, mobile banking and phone banking.

1. PNB personal banking solutions - there included:

• Savings fund account schemes;

• Current account;

• Fixed deposit and Credit schemes;

• PNB Capital Gain Account scheme, 1988;

• PNB Doorstep banking services;

• Card based services;

• Nomination facilities and Deceased claim access.

2. PNB s ocial banking solutions - by means of:

• PNB financial inclusion;

• PNB priority sector options - schemes for women, weaker section scheme.

3. PNB service for micro, small and medium enterprises - related to:

• Financing schemes for micro and small enterprises;

• Traders finance and super trade options;

• Sanjeevani Scheme for financing professionally qualified medical practitioners.

4. PNB agricultural banking solutions - a long list of agriculture credit schemes, provided together with some useful to Indian farmers info and reference.

5. PNB corporate banking schemes - namely:

• Loan against Future Lease Rentals;

• Export/Import finance;

• Cash Management Services;

• Gold Card Scheme for Exporters.

6. PNB international banking and service related to non-resident Indians - where you can find:

• Relevantly designed saving, deposit and current PNB bank accounts;

• Accounts/options especially considered for non-resident Indians;

• PNB Offshore Banking Unit;

• Helpdesk Forex Services;

• World Travel Card.

7. Other financial services with PNB - among them:

• PNB insurance business;

• Mutual funds through PNB;

• Merchant banking with PNB;

• PNB Wealth Management Services.

Punjab National Bank Options Through
PNB Net Banking, Mobile Banking and Phone Banking

Having spreaded its service across the country, Punjab National Bank especially takes into account that modern ways of delivering it become more and more important with every passing day. In order to meet the requirements of nowadays, the Bank has built relations with some eminent companies in the IT niche and as a result, its customers can enjoy fast, comfortable and safe PNB Internet banking and mobile banking operations.

PNB net banking (PNB Internet banking) opportunity

The main feature of the PNB net banking and its web portal as a whole is that you are provided not only with the needed service but as well with all the relevant documentation which to help you make the right decision regarding this service. Every single product group is exposed on its website together with some other useful info and sources, for instance - farmers are provided with a reference to institutions engaged in agriculture guidance and partnership; stock traders are provided with in-built National Stock Exchange market tracker etc.

Safety of operations is another important element of your PNB net banking experience. Powered by VeriSign (a leading online ID provider) and secured through Norton solutions (among the leaders in computer security software), PNB net banking has some more ways to guard your operations and you can access them through your private PNB net banking ID.

The third thing about PNB net banking opportunity is that it allows you perform almost all actions/transactions related to the core products and services offered. You are able to:

• Access/Update your account and card information;

• Apply online for various types of loan;

• Make online payments and booking through your account;

• Make online payments through your cards;

• Transfer funds between your PNB account and other PNB account as well as between your PNB account and account in another bank

and much more; actually, options are to continuously grow in number.

Surely, you can combine PNB net banking with PNB ATM-based operations if needed.

PNB mobile banking opportunity

Together with PNB Internet banking this is the most future-oriented type of service of the Bank. And, like PNB net banking, PNB mobile banking is fast, powerful and secure. It also has its own portal where you can find information on supported devices, offered ways of delivering the service, question-answer type of user guide and more. Of course, also included here is the option of SMS alert.

As for the financial operations available through PNB mobile banking - please, see them in the list above; it is as powerful as PNB net banking. And one more feature in common - like PNB net banking, PNB mobile could be combined with operations through ATM device.

PNB phone banking opportunity

Surely, there are situations where personal contact is significantly preferable than the PNB Internet banking or mobile banking options. Knowing it, PNB is keeping a 24/7 active phone line to answer your questions and/or needs; you can use a toll-free PNB number or a tolled one, at your choice. Contacting a PNB officer via e-mail is as well available and the Bank engages to respond in a shortest time.


From the moment of its birth, Punjab National Bank has emphatically bound its service with the life and development of its nation. With its remarkable growth in assets and recognition, PNB is still aimed to be not only powerful but, in the first place, supportive and useful. 'Banking for the unbanked', is the mission statement that has been proudly leading all PBN professionals through the years.

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